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About Kabingo

Amid dusty roads and banana fields you will find Kabingo, a little village in southwest Uganda clustered together with 3 other tiny villages. The Kabingo region is near the equator with about 1,000-foot elevation. Constant temperatures (75-85 degrees F), low humidity and a near constant breeze creates a very pleasant climate.  There are alternating wet and dry seasons which are being affected by climate change leading to periods of draught.

The region is home to 3,000 villagers most of whom are sustenance farmers.  They grow bananas, maize, beans, passion fruit, potatoes and coffee beans. Livestock includes cows, goats, pigs and chickens. Needing to sell the animals to support themselves, the villagers rarely eat meat.  The children fetch the families water supply from shallow wells and muddy ponds. Electricity is just being introduced to the local dispensary and some houses, otherwise the villagers use paraffin to light their mud brick homes at night. Foot travel is the most common mode of transportation. Men ride bicycles and use them as carts to push their bananas to market. Longer distances are managed by boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis).

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