Meet Our Contributors

Emily Auvil

Project Manager & Marketing Direction, Friend of Kabingo

Emily is a Campaign Manger for 84.51 in Cincinnati. She recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati's Masters program where she received both her MBA and MS in marketing. She went on the first mission trip to Kabingo in 2010 and has continued to support Kabingo via marketing initiatives since her first trip.

Mary Guanciale

Creative Direction, Friend of Kabingo

Mary is a creative at heart, specializing in design, branding, art & creative direction. She is the Art Director at Rookwood Pottery, working with creatives and artists, marketers and more. With Hope For Kabingo, Mary oversees the creative direction for the organization, leading the design direction for digital, print and event collateral. 

Roxanne Schorbach 

Photographer, Friend of Kabingo

Roxanne works at the Comboni Mission Center in Covina, CA and has been there since 2001. During her years with the Comboni Missionaries, she has traveled to several mission countries including South Sudan, to learn and photograph life in the missions. Her first trip with the Kabingo team was in 2014 and she returns again this year as the photographer. Roxanne also works with the American Red Cross in disaster services public affairs and as a photographer.

Ryan Gaffney

MSc, Friend of Kabingo, Website Consultant

Ryan is a website and consumer marketing consultant who specializes in working with non-profits. He is pursuing his doctorate of marketing at the University of Cincinnati and is currently studying how people process information. Ryan acted as support for the previous website and lead in the development of the new Hope for Kabingo website.

Matthew Greene

Lead Photographer, Friend of Kabingo

Matt serves as Hope for Kabingo’s official photographer. In addition to documenting the mission trips (three to date), Matt developed the Hope for Kabingo branding and its first website.  A native Clevelander, Matt is a retired Communications Executive. He returned to his photography roots and passion full-time in 2018 launching his business  His photographs are used extensively for Hope for Kabingo marketing purposes and his Faces of Kabingo portrait exhibition serves as a fundraising platform, while re-introducing Matt to the Cleveland community as an artist/photographer.

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