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On Being a Step

Edinah Mutlsi was a captivating dancer. So much so that she was asked to come to St. Bakita’s Secondary School to build up its dance program.

Edinah’s life has never been easy. Her 70 year old father and young mother were separated during her childhood. She grew up with her father, whom she now cares for, along with a sister and a severely sick brother, who is also under her care.

She graduated from St. Bakihta secondary school in 2010 and went on to earn a nursing certificate. She then landed a highly competitive job as a midwife at Yatonde Hospital in western Uganda. Edinah returns each year for the HFK medical mission trips rendering her services for free.

Edinah’s dream was to obtain an advanced nursing degree. With her endless fortitude she applied for academic position with only 15 slots available and 100 applicants, she once again made the cut.

Edinah is having a difficult time covering her expenditures that include; tuition, rent, caring for her father and brother and countless other needs. Her co-students download the school assignments for her on days while she is at work, so she also needs to purchase a computer. Edinah doesn’t know how she will make ends meet but remains undaunted.

When asked about future aspirations Edinah stated that she ‘wanted to be a step’. Clarifying her comment, she stated that, someday, she hopes others will be able to climb on her shoulders to get out of their bad situations. Edinah has spent many years thanking others for the assistance they have provided her. She awaits the day someone can thank her….with her joyful “you’re welcome” in return!

Goings-on in Kabingo

Tuesday was our busiest day this year at the clinic. We saw 388 people, an amazing number. However the team works so well together and no longer needing a lot of interpreters for many of the clinic’s stations, since Ugandans are manning them, this is a real time-saver!

Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit is shining through, as he has officially opened “The Kabingo Eye Institute.” This new brand-building program has kept him very busy all week as more and more villagers are seeking help for their near and farsightedness. Seriously, his patience and communications with the villagers with the assistance of an interpreter is a sight to behold.

Olivia and Joseph have the Pharmacy running like a well-oiled machine. And with the assistance of capable locals, like Maria, Kabingo’s villagers are in good hands from a pharmaceutical point of view.

Sponsor’s letters were distributed this week to both the primary and secondary schools. Above, primary school children excitedly anticipate opening their envelopes. In addition to heartfelt thoughts, fun envelope contents, like stickers, make a real difference and light up the children’s eyes!

Mass was packed on Sunday as we all eagerly anticipate Father Richard’s Silver Jubilee this coming Saturday (more on this event in future posts). After Mass, we all participated in an auction to benefit St. Bakhita Primary and Secondary schools. Above, Buzz and Melissa outbid everyone on a goat that they immediately donated to Father for enjoyment at the upcoming Silver Jubilee.

In addition to the goat, several team members outbid others for sugar cane to satisfy the children’s craving for sweets! We left the auction after an hour to tour the village and meet some of the villagers in their own homes. It was a great and rewarding Sunday!

We’ll keep you posted on more goings-on in this year’s mission trip as well as deeper dives on important success stories like Edinah in future posts. Please share this post and thank you for supporting Hope for Kabingo!

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