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Spiritually carried away

One of eight children, Pius lived with his “beloved Aunt Teddy” for many years. She was a very spiritual woman and taught Pius the importance of prayer for facing their daily hardships. His family suffered the consequences of falling coffee prices which led to their inability to pay for, among many things, Pius’ school fees. With persistence, Pius received sponsorship for his secondary studies.

Having both his Aunt Teddy and Father Richard as role models, Pius joined the Comboni Missionaries. He received a degree in Philosophy before entering the Comboni novitiate. During this time of inward reflection, he meditated on those who lived in even more impoverished conditions especially those suffering from the AIDS epidemic. “I was spiritually carried away by the poor…” Committed to easing the psychological burden of AIDS victims, Pius left the novitiate to pursue a Master’s of Counseling in Psychology. He has received sponsorship through Hope for Kabingo to fulfill his belief “that better things are in the future.”

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