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Empowerment - Annett & Catherine

Annett, the mother of 9, leads the 28 women Kabingo Women’s Basket Cooperative. She organizes meetings, improves weaving skills and develops new ideas. With her profits, Annett provides the basics for her children – food, clothing, medicine and school fees. She feels extremely proud of being able to care for her family.

Catherine, Annett’s 4th daughter, began first grade with the inaugural St. Bakhita Primary School class in 2012. Last November, the first group of 7th graders took the Ugandan National Exam. Catherine scored highest in her class and claimed the title of Top Girl. All but one of the 24 Bakhita students passed the exam with first honors placing them in the top 11% of the students Nationally! Extremely impressive results for a little village school.

Annett and Catherine are very excited about her accomplishments, but high school tuition is out of reach. Catherine’s bright future may have been cut short if not for the kindness of her new sponsor.

Beth, HFK Mission Team member and new sponsor with the HFK sponsorship program, heard of Catherine’s need and agreed to sponsor her to keep her dreams alive. Beth says, “As a mother who knows the sacrifice to pay for a Catholic education, I’m so happy to see it support such a deserving student.”

HFK aspires to empower the villagers in big and small ways. Annett’s and Catherine’s stories illustrate that hard work, shared commitment and kindness both empower and inspire.

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