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Hope for Kabingo
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About Hope for Kabingo

We are an emerging Cincinnati based non-profit, deeply committed to the villagers in the Kabingo area of Uganda. They are among Africa’s poor and the world’s poorest. The villagers are hardworking, gracious and grateful for their opportunity to improve their impoverished conditions. To achieve this goal, Hope for Kabingo partners with the villagers and their leaders to improve health, education and economic empowerment. Together we are also developing basic infrastructure needs, especially water and electricity.

Father Richard Kyankaaga, Kabingo born, Comboni Missionary Priest, provides the vision and guidance for Hope for Kabingo. He is dedicated to his people and as a trained missionary makes incredible things happen under difficult conditions. Father’s grandmother, Maria Nanteeza who started the first school in Kabingo under a tree, provided the inspiration for developing Kabingo. She told her grandson, then a young priest, “our children need education and are dying from treatable illnesses. We must do something.” In response, he built the the high school and dispensary in 2005 and 2006, respectively. Thank goodness for grandmothers!

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