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Thank You.

All of us from Hope for Kabingo, Fr. Richard Kyankaaga and all the villagers of Kabingo want to say thank you for your generosity of spirit, your talents and your gifts to give a “hand up” to our friends and partners in Uganda. It has been an incredible journey with you and there are no words to express our gratitude. The progress in Kabingo simply would not have happened without all of you.

Fr. Richard, the young leaders and many sponsored alumni from Kabingo are poised to continue the work. They have the passion, spirit and determination to move forward. Let us all continue our prayers for them as they carry on.

Please enjoy the slideshow below that tells the story of the progress that we all made together throughout the years. Devis, one of our own Kabingo, St. Bakhita graduates, created the video below as an expression of gratitude for all the work done to make their lives better.
The impact of your generosity will be felt for years to come in Kabingo! The friendships formed with our Ugandan friends over these past 14 year will last a lifetime.

Successes in Kabingo Slideshow

Thank you, HFK.

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