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Health & Wellness

In Kabingo, too many children die from malaria and too many women die during childbirth. Hope for Kabingo sponsors the St. Bakhita Dispensary which is staffed by a clinical officer, two nurses and a lab technician.  These dedicated staff provide life saving treatments for deadly illnesses, such as malaria and pneumonia. They also inoculate children with vaccines to prevent common diseases.  The villagers are grateful for this year round access to quality health care. 

Hope for Kabingo travels to Uganda to run an open air medical clinic every summer. During the 2 week trip, 25 missionaries spend long days treating thousands of the most grateful patients on the planet. It’s a combination of hard work, spiritual retreat and an African adventure. 

Through the combined efforts of the Dispensary staff and mission team, each year several thousand patients are treated, a thousand children are immunized and hundreds of lives saved from malaria. 

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