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Hope for Kabingo was founded on the idea that planting even one seed of hope could change the trajectory of a community — that true and lasting change and leadership will come through educating the youth. Over 14 years, HFK has sponsored hundreds of students and truly watched the power of education come full circle. Witnessing this power, we carefully selected a few of Kabingo's young professionals to provide us with business plans. Three recipients have already been given grants and are expanding their businesses.

As our last project, we would like to fund several more young professionals! We would love to fund them all if we can!  


Please consider joining us one more time as we begin this final phase of our work to support the next generation of sponsored young leaders so that they, in addition to the villagers of Kabingo, can continue the work of Hope for Kabingo for years to come!


For our final fundraiser, we present: Seeds of Hope for HFK's Young Professionals.


Our goal is to raise $25,000, making this the largest Hope for Kabingo fundraiser to date. Our generous board is matching all gifts 100% up to a total of $7,000! DOUBLE your impact by gifting today! 

Help us reach our goal by September 26!

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Young Professionals That Need Your Support


Achilles graduated from St. Josephine Bakhita school, was sponsored by HFK & he now teaches agriculture at the school. He is part of the group that started the  project developing organic agriculture fertilizer. They developed this product to preserve the environment and reduce excessive use of chemicals while farming. His goal is to expand this program by training other farmers on the use of the product!