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Building Bridges to Sustainability

Over the last 11 years, thanks to our support network & loyal donors, Hope For Kabingo has played a part in building vital infrastructure and communities in the village across our pillars. 

This year we are not building physical structures, we are building a bridge – A Bridge to Sustainability.

It is time to put the power for future development into the hands of the Ugandan people by empowering the Youth.

With your help, we want to ensure that we have leaders on the ground to help sustain our progress and drive empowerment across the Hope for Kabingo Pillars:

- Infrastructure - David Tebandeke

- Economic Empowerment & Education - Elizabeth Nabbanja​

- Health - Dr. Patrick Kayanja

- Agriculture - Edward Kisseka

We need your help!

Help us reach our $20k goal by October 31!

Choose your Donation Amount:

Thank you to our amazing supporters and generous sponsors

Gold Sponsors

John & Lisa Allbrittin
Burger Family Foundation

Red Star Racing

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