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Silver Jubilee!

Today was the big day for Father Richard and all of Kabingo as 6,000+ attended Father’s 25 year celebration, his “Priestly Silver Jubilee.”

Not everyone has water and wine bottles recognizing their big day, but Father Richard does. We all felt so honored to be present at the most significant celebration in Kabingo’s history.

Father’s proud parents were front and center with him. The well-managed event was chock-full of activity, starting with mass (below).

Food was plentiful and all those in attendance enjoyed plates full of traditionl Ugandan fare.

Father was reognized with a special proclamation from The Pope.

We were one of many groups who joined Father for a picture.

After Mass the many priests, including Father changed to their traditional black.

We were saranaded by a famous Ugandan recording artist with an appropriate name for the event… Silver Kyagulanyi!

A government official made a speech after congratulating Father Richard.

The St. Bakhita Secondary School dancers amazed us all with their stamina and moves.

And just as not everyone has an event with their picture on the bottled water, not everyone has an event with a drone taking photographs!

On Sunday we will attend mass, head back to Kampala with a stop at the Equator. We’ll spend the night with the Sisters at Urlika Guest House.

Monday morning we will head to The Source of the Nile and board our plane that evening. The eighth Hope for Kabingo mission trip is winding down. However we were so blessed to be present at Father Richard’s Silver Jubilee today.

Congratulations Father Richard! Thank you for being such a bright, guiding light for Uganda, Egypt, Sudan and The United States. May God watch over you and bless you with abundant joy!

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