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Meet Edward

Pillar Leader of Agriculture

Edward’s ties with Hope for Kabingo go back to 2010 when he served as the medical team’s first interpreter. A Hope for Kabingo sponsor learned of his interests in crop production and animal management and supported him all the way through veterinary school. He has served as Kabingo’s Agricultural Pillar Leader for three years. He has developed an impressive demonstration garden at the Women’s Center, teaches agriculture classes to women, and has started a village chicken project.

Immaculate Namazzi is just one of Edward’s proteges. She is married with nine children and earns her income farming and keeping animals: pigs, goats, bunnies, and chickens. She said she acquired her knowledge of keeping animals from Edward because he visits her farm frequently. She said she “seeks advice from him every day.” Immaculate also attends agriculture and poultry classes that Edward has organized at the Women’s Center. She said it was these classes that first gave her the idea to start her own projects.

Edward says that he “still has a lot of dreams to achieve to help others.” Hope for Kabingo feels so lucky to have Edward as one of its Pillar Leaders.

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