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Meet Elizabeth

Pillar Leader For Economic Empowerment and Education

Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in social work and social development. She is married and is the mother of two beautiful daughters. She started working with Hope for Kabingo in 2016. Her mission is to oversee and advance the Hope for Kabingo projects on the ground: the St. Josephine Bakhita Clinic, the water project, the education student sponsorship program, and the women’s basket cooperative. It’s a tall order!

Among her varied responsibilities as a Pillar Leader, Elizabeth has helped to foster the skills of the basket women in Kabingo, as well as in the neighboring village of Kassunga. As a Pillar Leader, Elizabeth emphasizes teamwork. She knows that it’s working together that the village will thrive.

Justine Nagaawa is one of the Kabingo basket weavers. She is proud that the women all help each other learn to make quality baskets and focus on teamwork in fulfilling orders. Justine is the single mother of five children. In addition to basket weaving, she is a farmer and a shop keeper. She uses the income from her baskets to pay school tuition fees for her children and to maintain her shop.

When 12 women in the neighboring village of Kassunga also wished to start a basket cooperative, Elizabeth sent two of Kabingo’s best weavers, Judith Nakatongole and Resty Nakimuli, to share their knowledge. As you can imagine, strong bonds have formed among the women in the two villages. Resty and Judy believe, “the more you share your knowledge and experience, the more you learn.”

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