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Meet Dr. Patrick

Pillar Leader for Health

In 2019 Patrick was hired to provide medical care and to manage Kabingo’s St. Josephine Bakhita Clinic. With the financial assistance of a Hope for Kabingo sponsor, Patrick was able to attend college and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in clinical medicine and community health. The Hope for Kabingo board members feel the clinic is providing better medical care than it ever has, under Patrick’s leadership.

Patrick said, “I joined the community of Kabingo with a major aim of giving back to the villagers and am doing this through treating their illnesses, promoting good health, and preventing disease. During the time I have practiced as a general practioner in Kabingo, I have managed to put a smile on several patients, including geriatrics, pediatrics, surgical, obstetrics, and gynecological patients.”

Patrick is particularly enthusiastic about the new maternal health addition to the clinic because it will allow women to receive critical prenatal care and to deliver their babies in a clean and safe environment. An additional benefit, he said, is that women will then bring their children to the clinic for routine vaccinations. These services will help to reduce both maternal and infant deaths.

Hope for Kabingo’s student sponsorship program continues to attract young men and women interested in the medical field. At present, eight students are pursuing medical degrees. One student has graduated with a degree in radiology. One student has graduated with a degree in pharmacy and another is in pharmacy school. More than a dozen students have graduated from nursing programs and three more are studying now.

Patrick won’t have any difficulty staffing the clinic in the years ahead!

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