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I Hope to Be a Doctor

Joseph is the oldest of five who was recognized from an early age to be exceptionally bright. Rather than seeing Joseph’s potential limited at Kabingo’s primary school, Father Richard secured sponsorship for Joseph at St. Cecilia’s, a boarding school of much higher quality. Joseph’s performance there was outstanding. He scored the highest in his district on the primary leaving exams. “My grades fought for me to get into St. Mary’s.” St. Mary’s is one of the best secondary schools in all of Uganda.

Joseph is in his fourth year at St Mary’s, and remains studious. He loves languages, especially German, reading and music. This year’s school fees are being covered by a Hope for Kabingo sponsor. Joseph’s dream, “I hope to be a doctor.” His fear, “I am in danger of not being able to finish (school) because my family lacks the money to pay.”

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