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Mackline’s Miracle is happening!

Mackline Tumusiime, 14, came to Ohio in July, 2011 for reconstructive surgery to correct injuries sustained when she was mauled by a pig as a baby. She lives primarily in Hudson, Ohio where she is enrolled in East Woods Elementary School and resides in Cincinnati during periods of medical care. By the time she returns to Uganda this summer, she will have had 4 surgeries at Shriners Hospital for Children. Mackline has also received ENT, dental, eye and primary pediatric care. Maria Nakafeero, 24, (see success stories) came with Mackline to serve as her caretaker, translator and tutor. She has been an amazing role model for Mackline and a true ambassador for Uganda. Both communities have embraced Mackline and Maria with awe inspiring warmth and generosity.

Our initial request through this web site was for support for Mackline’s medical expenses and education. Through the generosity of many this goal has been met! There is only one word we can use to express our gratitude “Tumusiime.” Mackline’s last name which translated means “gratefulness to God.” When you think of Mackline, remember we are grateful to God for your kindness.

As Mackline’s Miracle unfolds, it has begun to extend out to the village of Kabingo, as well as, Mackline’s and Maria’s families. Two new funds have been set up. Donations to the Mackline Tumusiime School Fund will honor Mackline’s irrepressible spirit of good will, and will be used to build a wing in her name at the St. Bakhita Primary School, a private school which is being built as a Hope for Kabingo Project, to serve the children of Kabingo. This will bring Mackline great honor in the village of Kabingo. When asked about how we can help M & M and their families once they return to Uganda, both responded with their usual generosity. They would love an education not only for themselves, but for their siblings too. The M & M Education Fund honors Mackline’s and Maria’s wishes for education for themselves and their brothers and sisters.

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