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Service with devotion

Maria grew up as the sixth of her parents nine surviving children. She and her family worked hard growing their food, carrying water and herding their animals. Her home did not have electricity. She slept on dried elephant grass. Maria’s response to her childhood experiences, “To date, I am so proud I went through that training. This is because I can work for even long hours without complaining…” Her father though industrious couldn’t afford her school fees, but she earned several scholarships. After school, though she wanted to become a doctor, she taught science in a local high school.

She sought sponsorship through what is now Hope for Kabingo and completed medical officer school (the equivalent of a physician assistant). She completed her training in July of 2010 and has assisted in the Medical Mission Team in 2010 and 2011. After she completed training, she trained Village Health Workers in disease prevention in remote areas around Uganda.

Maria accompanied Mackline Tumusiime, 14, mauled by a pig when she was a baby, to the United States in July of 2011 for reconstructive surgery. She has been a loving caretaker, tutor and translator for Mackline. She sends almost every penny she earns back to Uganda to support her family and pay for her younger siblings school fees. Maria’s motto is, “Service with devotion and for the good of others.” She lives up to this high standard every day.

When asked about how we can help M & M and their families once they return to Uganda, both responded with their usual generosity. They would love an education not only for themselves, but for their siblings too. The M & M Education Fund honors Mackline’s and Maria’s wishes for education for themselves and their brothers and sisters.


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