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January 2018 Trip - Water Update

Two professional engineers and four Miami University Students worked with the Ugandan team including two HFK sponsored engineering students, HFK sponsored chemistry teacher and many other workers.

The EWB team was pleased with the community response in terms of service and partnership.

Two bore holes were drilled – one with the tested capacity of over 9,000 liters/hour the other estimated to be 4,500 liters/hour. The testing of the second was ongoing when we left. For reference, a solid production well is 3,000 – 4,500 liters per hour.

The larger capacity well had very high iron content, but low manganese.

The engineer team constructed a pilot water treatment plant behind the secondary school. Initial testing indicated reduced iron.

They had planned to build two pilot plants, but due to time focused on completing 1 working pilot vs two incomplete. This also allows for them to see how well the first prototype works and making adjustments on the second.

Francis (chemistry teacher) will perform water testing. Roman (plumber) will provide maintenance.

Estimates for two concrete water storage tanks (60,000 liters each) for the permanent water plant were obtained.

Chuck and John, the two professional engineers, are considering returning with our team this July.

They would like to purchase a detailed satellite topography map of the area which will be of great help in planning. They will give further details about the cost and indication.

They agreed to provide a water project update to us within the next couple of months.

EWB is restructuring at a national level - pulling back in some countries and expanding in others. Fortunately, Uganda made the expansion list!

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