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January 2018 Trip - Educate Update

The students were on vacation so the place seemed like a ghost town!

The results for the primary school national exam were coming in over the week. Out of 29 students sitting for the exam, there were 8 first grades (the highest) which is very remarkable. Only one failure – sorry to say it was our special girl. They were still waiting for the remainder of the results when we left.

Father Richard purchased a 26 seat bus to transport the students to events and possibly leased out for other local groups.

Jim Maher worked with Francis (Father’s brother) to correct the computer room power issue.

The perimeter of the primary school is being fenced in. They making the poles out of concrete when we left.

Students, especially girls, are leaving the secondary school. This is a national problem.

Earlier this week, a first year pharmacy student and her family came unannounced to the guest house asking Father for funds for room and board otherwise she would have to drop out. She, of course, received help. Loaves and fishes!

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