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January 2018 Trip - Health Update

Jim researched and collaborated with the dispensary staff, especially, Aloys, to develop a plan to improve the lab services. He is working on the details and will provide input in the next few weeks. Spoiler alert - anticipate a thorough and well thought out plan.

There were still a ton of medications left over from last summer. They were mixed in with our other supplies. I separated them and Madame Dahlia will make sure the dispensary uses them.

There are now concrete trenches around the dispensary to avoid erosion. The courtyard now has concrete walkways including in front of the steps. It looks amazing.

The dispensary board met twice recently. The chairman had been in Europe for several months delaying meeting more often. They are now committed to meeting monthly.

Jim and I attended one of the meetings where the members met with community leaders to encourage use of the dispensary. This began the following Sunday after Mass.

John Fisher and Florence remain staff the dispensary around the clock.

Max, a clinical officer, staffs the dispensary 2 days a week. He doesn’t have consistent transportation to Kabingo when school is on break as the teachers’ shuttle doesn’t run.

Ruth, the lab tech, left due to illness in May 2017. No one knows if she’ll return. The nurses are able to do the simple tests.

Inventories of medications and lab supplies aren’t kept so they run out. Jim and I discussed the importance of keeping records and anticipating the need for supplies and meds so they can be ordered a head of time. They did report a good response time once they notified Madame of the need.

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