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Meet Clemensia, A Remarkable Woman!

I saw Celemensia, a lovely Ugandan woman sitting in her doorway weaving one of her beautiful baskets. Celemensia is a member of the HFK Basket Weavers Co-op and a recipient of the piglet project.

Celemensia is married and has seven children. She is expecting her eighth child very soon. She weaves her baskets in the afternoons after working in the fields, and in the evenings by candlelight. She is industrious and very hard working. Over the past several years, Celemensia has used the money she has earned from weaving and selling baskets to purchase another plot of land where she grows plantains, one of the main cash crops in Kabingo. She and her husband also built a second home that they now rent for additional income. They have raised their piglet from the HFK piglet program and now have 3 grown pigs to sell.

Celemensia proudly stated that she has seven children and all are enrolled in Primary and Secondary schools and she can pay the fees! She was so very proud of this. This simply would not have been possible without her income from the HFK basket weaver’s cooperative. It has transformed her life and those of her family.

The Economic Vitality programs in Kabingo are growing and working. These hard-working women like Celemensia are striving to improve their lives and the lives of their children. Thanks to all who have supported the Basket Weavers of Kabingo by purchasing and selling their beautiful baskets. We have hundreds of baskets available now for sale.

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