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Meet David

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Leader among peers, Pillar Leader for Infrastructure

David is the leader among his peers. Before HFK, David said he was struggling and didn’t know the way forward. “I was starting to think of doing peasant farming with my mother, because I didn’t want to do boda-boda riding as many of my peers opt to.” Father Richard guided him to a new school where he “gained enough hope and strength to focus on the dreams of the David I was seeing in my mirrors…to be an engineer.”

Today, David is a shining star in Kabingo, serving in the key position of Water Coordinator. He built the village’s first water filtration system which serves 3,000 villagers under the supervision of Engineers Without Borders.

David got involved with HFK through his older sister, Ritah, who worked with the original 2010 medical team as a lab tech. “The HFK sponsorship really changed my life,” David said, “I am now a civil engineer. HFK sponsored me for six years, two years at college for my diploma and four years at University for my degree. I am now also a proud and responsible father of one daughter, Chloe, a good husband to Scovia, a responsible son to my aged parents, and am giving a hand to two nephews.”

David said it’s because HFK “started loving me and supported me without knowing me,” that he too wants to begin supporting someone he’s not related to. David said he had no idea that 2010 would be the turning point in his life, but it was and he is so very grateful.

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